Gears are mechanical components with teeth on the rim that can continuously mesh to transmit motion and power. The tooth profile of the gear includes tooth profile curve, pressure angle, tooth height and displacement. Involute gears are relatively easy to manufacture, so among the gears used in modern times, involute gears account for the absolute majority, while cycloidal gears and arc gears are rarely used. In terms of pressure angle, gears with small pressure angles have smaller load-bearing capacity; while gears with large pressure angles have higher load-bearing capacity, but the load on the bearing increases when the transmission torque is the same, so they are only used in special circumstances. The tooth height of gears has been standardized, and standard tooth heights are generally used. Variable gears have many advantages and have been used in various types of mechanical equipment. Gears can also be divided into cylindrical gears, bevel gears, non-circular gears, racks, and worm gears according to their shape; they can be divided into spur gears, helical gears, herringbone gears, and curved gears according to the tooth line shape; they can be divided into gears according to the surface on which the gear teeth are located. They are external gears and internal gears; according to the manufacturing method, they can be divided into cast gears, cut gears, rolled gears, sintered gears, etc. Hard tooth surface gears have high load-bearing capacity. After the gears are precision cut, they are then quenched, surface quenched or carburized and quenched to increase the hardness. However, during heat treatment, the gear will inevitably deform, so it must be ground, ground or precision cut after heat treatment to eliminate errors caused by deformation and improve the accuracy of the gear.
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  • Swing gearbox excavators is a mechanical transmission, a system used to turn the rotating parts on the top of the excavator. This component is called a rotating system and consists of a rotating platform and a driving device. Swing gearbox excavator is an important industrial device used in various construction, mining and earthmoving projects. The main function of the Swing gearbox excavator is to turn the rotating platform, allowing the excavator to easily complete the multi-directional excavation and excavation process. By controlling the drive, the Swing gearbox excavator enables various rotation speeds and the stability of the top rotating components. Its efficient operation makes it one of the important components in the industrial field. Swing gearbox excavator is divided into many different models, each model has specific mechanical parameters such as axial and radial load capacity, gear face and gear constants, etc. The Swing gearbox excavator has a compact structure and a fixed installation position, thus effectively reducing vibration and noise during movement. The driving part of the Swing gearbox excavator includes gears and motors, which are lubricated through an oil bath lubrication system. The entire system has excellent anti-pollution performance and can be used in various harsh environments. For users, the Swing gearbox excavator is a very practical and reliable mechanical transmission device. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of industrial equipment such as excavators, cranes and construction machinery. Compared with traditional hydraulic and hydraulic drive methods, Swing gearbox excavator saves energy, has higher reliability, and operates more smoothly.

  • Swing Gearboxes is a mechanical transmission device used to transmit rotational power. It can convert the rotational power of the motor into linear swing motion through the transmission shaft. This transmission is designed for pendulum machinery manufacturing. Pendulum machinery is widely used in many fields, such as automated production, machinery manufacturing and batching machines. Swing gearbox can provide a reliable transmission system to help speed up the engineering and production process. Swing gearbox consists of several parts, including drive shaft and driven shaft, gear set, clutch, bearing, bushing and lubrication system, etc. The rotational power of the motor on the drive shaft is transmitted to the gear set, which drives the driven shaft to rotate. Since the driven shaft has a built-in clutch, when the movement needs to be stopped, the equipment installed on the driven shaft can be removed directly without stopping the motor. Bearings and bushings help reduce wear, and the lubrication system provides long-lasting lubrication to the gear set and keeps the entire system running smoother. The advantage of Swing gearbox is its high efficiency and reliability. It converts the motor's rotational speed into linear oscillating motion, speeding up production processes and engineering work. Because the gear set is made of high-strength alloy steel, it has high durability and strength, so it can withstand high loads and strong impacts. Swing gearbox's lubrication system can also reduce friction and maintain the oil film thickness of the gear set and bearings to ensure the reliability and stability of the entire system. For users who use Swing gearbox, it is widely used in mechanized manufacturing and automated production fields, and is used in vibrating screens, conveyors, pendulum batching machines, vibrators and other equipment. Swing gearbox is suitable for various types of equipment with limited space and can withstand high loads and strong impact forces. In addition, the stability and reliability of Swing gearbox make it ideal for automated production and audio/visual equipment.

  • Rotation gearbox refers to a transmission equipment widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. It is used to convert rotational power into a transmission device for the rotation of working parts. Rotation gearbox is designed for use in various mechanical equipment, such as industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation equipment and electrical products, etc. In the machinery manufacturing industry, Rotation gearbox is a very important piece of equipment. Its quality and efficiency have a significant impact on the entire production and operation process.

  • The hydraulic motor is an actuator of the hydraulic system, which converts the liquid pressure energy provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy (torque and rotational speed) of its output shaft. Liquids are the medium through which force and motion are transmitted. Hydraulic motors, also known as oil motors, are mainly used in injection molding machinery, ships, hoists, engineering machinery, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, shipbuilding machinery, petrochemical industry, port machinery, etc.

  • The travel gearbox is a common mechanical transmission device that is widely used in various industrial equipment and mechanical equipment. It consists of multiple gears, which transmit power and torque through the meshing and rotation of the gears. The structural design of the traveling gearbox is to meet different work requirements and application scenarios.

  • Swing gearbox is a mechanical device that is specifically designed for use in swing applications.The slewing gearbox refers to the main part that controls the rotation of the excavator, and is composed of a gear transmission system, a planetary gear train, a clutch, a brake, a slewing bearing, etc. The reducer is a mechanical transmission device that can reduce the output speed or increase the torque of a rotating working machine to adapt to the needs of different working conditions.

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