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  • Heavy machinery always requires a large initial investment. Due to the higher efficiency of the machine, the investment cost is also high. If the machine can no longer be used, then there is a problem with its undercarriage spares. The maintenance of excavator chassis spare parts for heavy machinery involves many challenges. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your heavy machine landing gear.


  • Your bulldozer or excavator chains are getting to a point where it’s time to consider some maintenance. There are a few options including a wet turn, grease turn, pin and bushing replacement, or a complete track swap out.Making decisions about how best to handle a wearing chain involves a number of factors—including the size of the tractor, its age, condition, application, cost of components, and how you anticipates using the machine going forward.


  • Having removed the old bushes from the arm of your excavator, then next step is to fit replacement bushes. Again there are various ways of doing this with varying levels of equipment required depending on what equipment you have on hand.


  • Typically if you are at the point of removing them, then they are worn out so it doesn't matter what damage you do to the old bushes but you really want to preserve the integrity of the excavator arm at all costs.


  • A road header is a machine used to excavate the roadway on the flat and straight ground, which is widely used in urban rail transportation, such as railroad, highway, water conservancy, municipal engineering, etc. Today we talk about what are the main components of road header accessories.


  • Excavator parts can be roughly divided into two categories: mechanical parts and electronic parts, mechanical parts and drive control parts are complementary to each other, using the electronic control part to drive and coordinate the mechanical parts to work effectively without asking, the mechanical part of the situation through the electronic parts feedback to the electronic control parts, and then more effectively coordinate the work of the excavator to achieve its highest efficiency.