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  • A groundbreaking advancement in the heavy machinery industry has taken the world by storm as the innovative "Track Bushing" technology promises to transform the performance and durability of tracked vehicles. This revolutionary development is set to redefine the capabilities of construction equipment and pave the way for more efficient and reliable operations.


  • In a concerning development for the construction industry, a major equipment manufacturer has issued a recall for a specific type of track pin used in heavy machinery. The recall comes in response to safety concerns and potential malfunctions associated with the track pins, which have been found to pose a risk to operators and construction site personnel.


  • In a recent development in the construction industry, a new type of track pin has been introduced that promises to revolutionize the way heavy machinery operates on construction sites. The new track pin is made from a high-strength alloy that is both lighter and more durable than traditional steel track pins.


  • The track pins connect the track shoes to form a track chain link. The track is driven by the driving wheel and is a flexible link around the driving wheel, road wheel, induction wheel and supporting pulley. The track is composed of track shoes and track pins, etc.


  • Excavator buckets, also known as digging buckets, are divided into backhoe buckets and front shovel buckets according to their working methods. The commonly used ones are backhoe buckets.


  • The bucket shaft bushing is installed at the connection between the excavator's large and small arms and the bucket, and can be replaced.