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Crane Track Roller

Quanzhou Peers Construction Machinery Parts Co., Ltd is a large-scale Crane Track Roller manufacturerandsupplierinChina. We have been specialized in heavy duty equipment parts for many years.

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Product Description

Crane Track Roller

Quanzhou Peers Construction Machinery Parts Co., Ltd is a large-scale Crane Track Roller manufacturerandsupplierinChina. We have been specialized in heavy duty equipment parts for many years. Our products have a goodpriceadvantage and cover most of the European, American, The Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner inChina.

Crane Track Roller forExcavator and bulldozer are driving on the uneven ground.while the wheels are bearing huge impact, thus supporting wheel load in poor working conditions, So they should have good sealing performance, which is keep from demage by dust, sand, soil water erosion.        

For this required all track rollers which are several parts included shell, shaft, bushing bronze,collar, seal, lock pin all kinds ofcomponentare in goods quality. 

We offer a wide range ofgood quality Crane Track Roller sto suit most common makes and models ofExcavatorand Loaderon the market today. Which areapplies toBulldozer,Excavator, Crane, Drilling Machine such asCAT / Hitachi /Sumitomo/ Nippon Sharyo/Komatsu / Kobelco / JCB / Daewoo / Volvo / Hyundai....


Crane Track Roller Machine range include below:



KH70, KH100, KH100-1, KH100D, KH125, KH125-2, KH125-3, KH150, KH150-2, KH150-3, KH180, KH180-2, KH180-3, KH230, KH230-3, KH250HD, KH300, KH300-2, KH300-3, KH500-2, KH500-3, KH700-2, U106A, TH55, CX300, CX350, CX500, CX550, CX650, CX700, CX900, CX1000, CX1100, PD7, PD60FL, PD100, etc.




SC350, SC400, SC500, SC500-2, SC550-2, SC650, SC650-2, SC650DD-2, SC650-3, SC700, SC700-2, SC800, SC800HD, SC1000, SC1000-2, SC1500,SC1500-2, LS13RH, LS78RH, LS78RM, LS78RH5, LS78RHD5, LS98, LS108RM, LS108RH5, LS110C, LS118RH3, LS118RH5, LS118RH, LS118RM, LS120RH5, LS138H, LS138RH5, LS138RHD5,LS208H, LS218H, LS218RH5, LS238RH2, LS238RH3, LS238RH5, LS248RH5, LS458HD, LS468HD, LS518, LS528, LS528-S, SD205, SD307, SD407, SD510, SD610, etc.




P&H60P, P&H70P, P&H75P, P&H100P, P&H315, P&H320, P&H325, P&H330, P&H335, P&H335AS, P&H345, P&H440, P&H550A, P&H550-1, P&H550-2, P&H5035, P&H5045, P&H5055, P&H5100, P&H7035, P&H7045, P&H7050, P&H7055, P&H7065, P&H7070, P&H7080, P&H7090, P&H7100, P&H7120, P&H7150, P&H7200, P&H7250, P&H7250-2, FS80, FS90, BM500, BM600, BM650, BM700, BM700HD, BM750, BM800, BM800HD, BM900, BM900HD, BM1200, CKS600, CKE600, CKE700, CKE800, CKE850, CKE900, CKE1000, CKE1100, CKE1350, CKE1800, CKE2500, CKE2500-2, CK850, CK1000, CK1000G, CK1600, CK2000-2, CK2500, SL6000, etc.




CH350, CH500, CCH250W, CCH280W, CCH350, CCH350-D3, CCH400, CCH500, CCH500-2, CCH500-3, CCH500-T, CCH550, CCH650, CCH700, CCH800, CCH800-2, CCH1000, CCH1000-5, CCH1200, CCH1500, CCH1500E, CCH2500, CCH2800, DCH650, DCH700, DCH800, DCH1000, DCH1200, K300, K400A, K400B, K1000, etc.




DH300, DH308, DH350, DH400, DH408, DH500, DH508, DH600, DH608, DH608-120M, DH700, DHP70, DHP80, ED4000, ED5500, etc.




SCX300, SCX300-C, SCX400, SCX500, SCX700, SCX700-2, SCX800, SCX800-2, SCX900, SCX900-2, SCX1000, SCX1200, SCX1200-2, SCX1500, SCX1500-2, SCX2000, SCX2500, SCX2600, SCX2800-2, 218HSL, etc.




SCC500B, SCC500C, SCC500D, SCC500E, SCC550C, SCC600C, SCC750C, SCC800C, SCC1000D, SCC1250, SCC1500CC, SCC1500D, SCC1800, SCC2600A, SCC3000WE, SCC4000E, SCC5000WE, SCC6500E, SCC7500, SCC8100, SCC8200, SCC8300, SCC10000, SCC16000, etc.




CC40, QUY35, QUY50, QUY50A, QUY50C, QUY50S, QUY55, QUY70, QUY70A, QUY80, QUY80A, QUY80B, QUY90, QUY100, QUY100A, QUY120, QUY130, QUY130A, QUY150, QUY150A, QUY150C, QUY250, QUY320, QUY400, QUY400A, QUY500, QUY650, QUY750, QUY1250, FZX36, FCC80B etc.




QUY 50 QUY55N QUY80 QUY100 QUY150 QUY250




M250, M999, 2250, 3900, 4000, 4100, 4100S, 4500, 4600S, 8500, 10000, 12000, 140000, 15000, etc.




RB30, RB38, RB40, RB60 etc.




CC1500, CC1800, CC2000, CC2200, CC2400, CC2500, CC2600, CC2800




HC50, HC60, HC80, HC110, HC165, HC275












LR1650, LR1160, HS852HD, HS853HD, HS855HD, HS871HD, HS872HD, HS873HD, HS875HD, HS882HD, HS883HD, HS885HD




LS108BS LS108B LS1088J LS118 LS138H LS138HII LS218 LS318 LS338 LS418 LS518

Crane Track Roller Advantages:

· Quality guarantee

·Full Range

·Gather Different Parts Into The Container

·Unobstructed communion

· Delivery in time

Crane Track Roller Applications:

· All sectors ( common use )

· Earth moving equipment

· Mining equipment

· General purpose industrial equipment


Customer comment and feedback



Q:How can I be sure the Crane Track Roller will fit my excavator or Bulldozer?

A:Give us correct model number/machine serial number/ any numbers on the Crane Track Roller .

Or measure the parts give us dimension or drawing.


Q:Do you provide sample? Free or charge?

A:Yes, we can provide free sample. but you have to pay for the courier.


Q:Can you make the Crane Track Roller according to our drawings or our Brand?

A:Yes, if we got your trademark authorized, we can put your trademark on the Crane Track Roller .


Q:How do you pack the equipment?

A:Pack with export wooden pallets or wooden box, we can pack as your required.


Q:How about Quality Control system?

A:We have an excellent QC system for Crane Track Roller . A team who detects the product quality and specification piece carefully, monitoring every production process until packing is complete, to ensure product safety into container.


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